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Design studio BAOBAB

BAOBAB: Tamara Knopinskaya and Yana Feldman

BAOBAB - a studio Petersburg designers Yana Feldman and Tamara Knopinskoy. We develop creative interior items made of wood.
The basis of each work is laid, natural or geometric motif, because the main source of inspiration for us - nature itself, its shape, color combinations.

For us it is important to, to each article carried not only the aesthetic character, and functionality. After all, the motto of our studio sounds like “Wood, you can live in”.

Our principles


The design of all our products is copyright. We are developing their own models and control at all stages of production.

aesthetical and functional

We are particularly proud, that apart from external beauty, all our products are more and practicality.


Yes, All our products are really made with love. We always check the `` on sebe``, Do we want to decorate their own interior.

Our products

BAOBAB: настенные часы из дерева Олень
BAOBAB: wall clock made of wood Deer
BAOBAB: авторская открытка из дерева вместе
BAOBAB: author card of wood together
BAOBAB: авторская открытка из дерева собака
BAOBAB: авторская открытка из дерева кошка
BAOBAB: author card wooden cat