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About Us

About Us

BAOBAB is a brand of author's wooden interior items in St. Petersburg.

We produce copyrights interior items made of wood. The basis of each work are laying a natural or geometric motif, because they draw our inspiration from the origins of the very nature of, its forms, flower combinations. Our main areas - a wall clock, in which we try to combine the aesthetics and functionality, as well as various design home accessories and home furnishings (such interior panels, decoration and home accessories, etc.). It is important for us that, each product bears not only aesthetic character, but also functionality. We hope, that every one of our products will find their home, It will serve as a succinct complement any interior and bring together with a calm atmosphere, comfort and unique style!

Yana Feldman – designer and co-founder of the brand and Ilya Predstemnik – head in St. Petersburg.
Tamara Knopinskaya – one of the founders of the brand. Involvement in work at BAOBAB studio no longer has.


What are we doing

Our main specialization – Development of interior items made of wood, as well as the interior design of interiors.

We create comfort and beauty to your room. Qualitatively designed interior of a country house, apartment or office, complete with original interior items – Firstly, It will bring you daily joy and a sense of peace. Secondarily, as a result of our work you will get the level of aesthetic comfort, that you need. In third place, our home furnishings are suitable for different styles of rooms, and organically fit into their.

We think over all the details, pay attention to those details, which you have not yet had time to think, We offer their original solutions and innovative look. It does not impose you my opinion, and listen carefully to the wishes of the customer. With our already realized projects, as well as product innovations can be found in the relevant sections of the site. ibid, You will find information about various events, in which we participate, Publications about us and more.


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