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Publications about us and interviews

“Initially, the price assigned "the mark"”. for portal Probusiness

“Reforming copyright products market”. To log man of Business (Issue January-February, 2018)

Reporting to transfer “Plum” TV channel 78 (release 13.02.2018)

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“June. ripe paint”. To log Accomplishment (June Issue, 2017)

“How does the author's studio interior items made of wood”. For biz360.ru

“Female wood project”. blog Simply City

Diploma for “Creativity” in the international competition VATIKAM “best work 2016

“10 Best products in March”. To log Rody.ru (Issue №3, 2017)

Reporting to transfer “Good morning” TV channel . (release 21.12.2016)

“How to start your business?”. For a blog journal SUGAR

Heading “Turnkey Design”. To log Living Environment (issue №8, 2016)

“The Art of Living in Russian”. To log JUDGMENT & podium (issue №4-5, 2016)

Heading “Interiors his”. To log INTERIORs the best (release №21, 2016)

To log Design Guide (release: May 2016)

“Studio BAOBAB. The area tree”. To log AROMA (issue №5, 2016)

“10 The best products in January”. To log Rody.ru (issue №1, 2016)

“Studio BAOBAB”. For Internet blog Handmade

“Art takes time”. For Internet magazine of cool things Klevosti

“10 The best products July”. To log Rody.ru (issue №5, 2015)

“Love for eco-style”. Internet portal about design Dizbook

“BAOBAB watch from the studio and interviews with its creators”. For Internet blog BabyRoomBlog

“10 The best products in January”. To log Rody.ru (issue №1, 2015)

“decor News”. Quality catalog RIO (issue №5, 2014)