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All designer products we provide a guarantee. The warranty period depends on the product type. The standard warranty on watch movements, used in our local, is 12 months. We are not responsible for the actions of the buyer, resulting from misuse of the product or its mechanical failure during use.



Return of goods of good quality

Refund and exchange of good quality goods produced within 14 days after purchase, on condition, that they have not been spoiled by his presentation and consumer properties.

You can return the goods of good quality in the following cases:

Failure to obtain on the spot

You change your mind about buying goods or do not you like? Just leave the goods from the courier or at the ex. It is absolutely free. In this case, you waive all order entirely. From the part of the order can not refuse.

Failure after receipt of the goods

You have a whole 14 days from the date of receipt of an order for his return or replacement. You will need to send pictures of the product and the box. Our courier will take you the goods. After, as the goods return to us, and confirmed the safety of all its consumer properties and presentation (Keep the packaging, goods in excellent condition, Labels stored inside), You will receive the appropriate amount of the refund less shipping amount.


Return the goods of inadequate quality (Returns marriage)

If during use of the product during the warranty period, you have found a factory defect in the product, You need to send us the pictures of goods. Within a few days we will contact you and agree on a replacement product or a refund for it. Courier will come to you and take the rejected goods. After, as the goods return to us, and confirmed its workmanship, You will receive the appropriate amount of return.


goods exchange and refund rules are regulated:

  • Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights of 07 February 1992 year №2300-1. Article 26.1. Remote method of selling goods;
  • RF Government Resolution "On approval of rules of sale of goods remote way" from 27.09.2007 №612
  • Resolution of the Government of Russian Federation 19 January 1998 Saint-Petersburg. N 55 "The list of non-food products appropriate quality, not be returned or exchanged for similar goods of other size, shape, dimensions, style, color or configuration ".


Studio “Baobab” We reserve the right to refuse the return of goods, if it is sent out of time, or if the item is not in the same state, in which it was received by the buyer.