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Payment of the order and its delivery

At the time of making a booking we take the advance payment of 30%. Only then begins work on its manufacturing. All our products are copyright, with a great deal of manual labor. We are not an assembly-line production and most of the work is done under the order. And this is due to our prepayment.

The remaining amount of the order, you can pay us personally, if we give you the product themselves. In the case of courier or sent outside of St. Petersburg – we ask in advance to transfer the rest of us. On our side, we necessarily take pictures of everything for you before sending, and send you the tracking code.

We value our reputation and hope for your understanding! We reciprocate our regular customers 🙂



Shipping is an important aspect of our receipt of the author's articles you. We strive to choose the different shipping options, that you have chosen the best: this Pickup, and the delivery of Russian Post, and EMS courier and transport companies. At the time of booking, in the basket, the system automatically offers several options with the expectation of delivering the amount of. You need to choose only convenient for you.

Large orders, such as, mirror or Wall Clock “Hamsa” (70cm) we do not send mail Russia, but only with the help of transport companies. When choosing a company, we do select carrier (based on the characteristics of each) and coordinate it with you. If you have a preference for a specific company, you can let us know about it in advance, stating in a footnote to the order.


Delivery in St. Petersburg

You are free to pick up an order with us, advantage by self, and at the same time get to know us personally 🙂 Or order courier delivery to your home and work address: during office hours 10 and to 20 order to bring you the EMS courier.

  1. Delivery courier in the city – 250p. FREE for orders of 15 000p.
  2. Pickup of the items of the award – is free. By prior arrangement,.

Addresses issuing centers:

Article. metro Avtovo (from 10 to 22)

Article. metro Vasileostrovskaya (from 11 to 20)


Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region

Delivery orders in Moscow and the Moscow region, we provide Russian Post, as well kurʹerskimi services EMS (to address) and SDEK (to the terminal). As the speed of delivery is generally the difference 2 day.


Delivery within Russia and the CIS

Delivery is carried out by the Russian Post, EMS courier service, DAC transport companies, Baek, SDEK etc.. Tariff last.


Delivery to the EU, Israel, USA

Delivery to the countries of the European Union, Israel and the US are not implemented. When ordering from these countries, please contact our colleagues from TO.MA